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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New ISA Members

The International Society of Appraisers is proud to introduce you to all of the new members since the beginning of 2014. Please join us in welcoming them to the Society!

Marie Dietrich
Portland, OR
Steven Raether
Mesa, AZ
Shannon Aubin
New Boston, NH
Jason Howe
Owego, NY
Camille Huie
Gainesville, FL
Linda Matthews
Santa Fe, NM
Andrew Gellatly
Santa Fe, NM
Maria Gianino
St. Louis, MO
Lauren Abramowitz
Glendale, AZ
David Dike Fine Art
Dallas, TX
John Latour
Montreal, QC
Janet Madrigal
Joliet, IL
Sarah Sweet-Brown
Pacific Palisades, CA
Cynthia Postma
Calgary, AB
Leslie Vitanza AnnRenee
Montecito, CA
John Romani
Ardmore, PA
Manya Basile
Beverly Hills, MI
James Kanel
Las Cruces, NM
Jerry Coker
Lumberton, TX
Lisa Schoening
Los Angeles, CA
Joseph Daniel
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Trevor LePrevost
West Windsor, NJ
Steven Stam
Lynbrook, NY
Armen Dohanian, III
Dallas, TX
Katy Alexander
San Antonio, TX
Christopher Gaillard
New York, NY
Robert Vogt
San Antonio, TX
Daniel Rogers
Williamsburg, VA
Theresa Sickler
Bluffton, SC
Holly Latch
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Vanessa Elmore
Santa Fe, NM
Jennifer Lynch
Taos, NM
Michael Mee
Dallas, TX
Robin Gross
Kansas City, MO
Mark Cooper
Sarasota, Fl
Steven McNeil
Ottawa, ON
Elizabeth Underhill
Birmingham, AL
Rachael Leventhal-Garnett
Fort Worth, TX
Brian Herzig
San Antonio, TX
Henry Cadwalader
Jackson, WY
MS Hayes
Linda Cano
Fresno, CA
David Templeton
Burien, WA
Sarahlynn Schenck
Puyallup, WA
Helen (Len) de Rohan
Knoxville, TN
Lisa Desilets
Winnipeg, MB
Rachael Storey
London, ON
Richard Henley
North Liberty, IA
Veronica Adetuyi
Toronto, ON
Sara Cain
Houston, TX
Michael Skerrett
Toronto, ON
Ashleigh Hite
Dallas, TX
Kara Dirkson
Sioux Falls, SD
Daniel Deyell
Edmonton, AB
Beata Riedemayer
Potomac, MD
Robert Golan
Hillsborough, NC
Emily Meyer
Potomac, MD
Cynthia Corcoran
Houston, TX
Michelle Stallings
Aubrey, TX
Andrew Higgins
Tucson, AZ
Elizabeth Pier
Canton, NY
Karena Rozin
Aurora, ON

The ISA would also like to recognize the following members for their successful completion of the ISA CAPP program.

This achievement marks their tireless efforts in the pursuit of education and professionalism in the field of personal property appraising. Please join ISA in congratulating these members on their extraordinary achievement:

Laura Wallace, ISA CAPP - Birmingham, AL
Perri Guthrie, ISA CAPP - Woodside, CA
Ruth Winston, ISA CAPP - New Orleans, LA
Meredith Meuwly, ISA CAPP - Dallas, TX

Congratulations to our newest CAPPs!

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