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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reflection on Assets 2012

There is something about attending the annual ISA conference that is energizing!

The enthusiasm of the conference attendees was obvious from the moment I stepped into the foyer of our hotel until the closing awards luncheon.  The overall mood was upbeat, the facilities relaxing.  Break time was held in a covered patio where there was an array of fresh fruit, tea, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, ice cream and a variety of tempting pastries.  The atmosphere was conducive to mingling and catching up on our colleagues activities.  The buffet luncheons offered something for everyone, and an opportunity to enjoy the warm atmosphere of Tempe weather and the occasion.  It was a perfect atmosphere for meeting and greeting.

It was good to learn that many attendees took advantage of the opportunity to take the Requalification course and/or the 7-hour USPAP.  What a convenience to be able to attend ISA’s annual conference and take two required courses right after the conference.  Now, wasn’t that easy?  Over 30 of you took the ISA Requalification Course and nearly 30 took the 7-hour USPAP Course.  That is amazing.  I congratulate you all, especially those thirteen hearty souls that took both classes.  Whew!  You must have felt this was the week that was.

On Saturday, an important event occurred that was received with enthusiasm.  ISA President, Todd Sigety introduced the new ISA Logo and how you can use it on your emails, business cards, stationery.  You will even be able to use the logos that state your credentialed level for your promotional materials.  To find out and see more click here.  This is only available in the members only section. Todd is a president that delivers on his promises.  I know he would appreciate your thanks for overseeing the development of the spiffy new logo.

Start planning for Assets 2013.  It will be held in Chicago April 12-15 at a site that will be within walking distance to many things that are famously Chicago.  See you there!

Sally A. Ambrose, ISA CAPP
ISA Board of Directors

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Call for Nominations – Reminder!

A reminder the Nominating Committee is accepting applications from members wishing to be considered for the ISA Board of Directors.  Three vacancies must be filled and we are seeking candidates who will lead and inspire our membership. Each vacant position is for a three-year term.

The ISA Board meets four times a year, two via conference call and two are in person, with one taking place at the annual conference and the other in Chicago at ISA headquarters. If you are looking to lead and to become more involved within ISA, this is the perfect opportunity.  Please submit letters of intent along with your resume to Marian “Mo” Aubry no later than Friday, June 15, 2012.

Please contact:
Marian “Mo”, Aubry ISA CAPP
Chair, Nominating Committee
941-921-4237 or 941-544-6806

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ISA Announces Core Course Attendees

Last week, ISA held the Core Course Appraisal Studies in Toronto, Ontario and we are pleased to recognize these course attendees.

Linda Book – Toronto, ON
Tracey Capes Elliott – Toronto, ON
Elisabeth Edwards – Toronto, ON
Madeleine Forcier – Montreal, QC
Emilie Grandmount Berube – Montreal, QC
Anja Karisik – Toronto, ON
Merete Kristiansen – Vancouver, BC
Jeanette Langmann – Vancouver, BC
Duncan McLaren – St. Catharines, ON
Tannie Ng – Toronto, ON
Germaine Pataki-Theriault – Frederickton, NB
Ed Phillips – Toronto, ON
Melissa Poliah – Toronto, ON
Ian Rawlinson – Saskatoon, SK
Ann-Louise Seago – Toronto, ON
Krysta Telenko – Hamner, ON

Join ISA, in congratulating these course attendees; in the successful completion of the course and for taking an important step in further their education and industry knowledge!

 If you would like to learn more about upcoming ISA courses, click here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

ISA Annual Conference Recap

Perhaps I am biased, but in my opinion ISA hosts the best personal property appraisal conferences.  Period.

During my time as an ISA member and board representative I have had the opportunity and pleasure to attend many major personal property appraisal conferences. With that experience I have excellent points of reference for comparison.  Like ISA, most appraisal organizations present excellent speakers and interesting topics at their conferences.  Much can be learned at most of these events and conferences.  Our conference in Tempe included Brian Roughton, Director of American and European paintings from Heritage Auctions, Jane Milosch, Director of Provenance Research Initiatives at the Smithsonian Institute, Joel Coen, a Silver Star Fellow at the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Malcolm Barber, CEO and Group Managing Director of Bonham's, and Rose Mofford, former Governor of Arizona to name only a few.  In addition to the great speakers, we also saw continued sponsorship and exhibitors from Bonham’s, Quinn’s Auction Galleries, Clars, Heritage Auction Galleries,, and Robertson Taylor International Insurance. A generous education grant was provided by the Foundation for Appraisal Education. Additionally, we had a photographer set up in the lobby area to take professional headshots for a very reasonable fee.

The speakers and program at Tempe were excellent, but, in my opinion, what really separates ISA conferences from those of other organizations is our outstanding members.  At ISA conference, we offer much more inclusive networking opportunities, professional camaraderie, social interaction and even partying.  These networking and social opportunities are of course present during the planned portions of the conference, but there is much interaction and activities planned after hours as well.

For example, did you know the Friday evening Foundation for Appraisal Education’s Reading Between the Wines event was broken up by hotel security for being too loud?  We had so many appraisers at the Journal selling event many were flowing into the hotel suite bedroom and out into the hotel hallway.  Hotel management and security personnel at the Mission Palms were very courteous and professional and quickly relocated the party (both people and the complimentary “refreshments”) to a restaurant for the rest of the evening.  How many other appraisal organizations can make the claim of partying like college students! Next year, when we are in downtown Chicago at the JW Marriott (save the dates, April 12-15, 2013) we will need to find more suitable space to hold this popular and growing event.  My main point beyond the sheer fun and enjoyment of the evening is that during ISA conference our members are very active and inclusive. We find ways for our members to interact and develop lasting appraisal contacts and professional relationships.

This year the conference crowd was extremely positive about the conference itself, and the advances and growth of ISA over the past several years.  I have been to the last 9 conferences and I believe the encouraging mood and positive outlook of our members at Tempe has never been better.  At times the buzz in the crowd between events was absolutely electric. You could easily sense the excitement of our members.

In addition to the outstanding program, we had an excellent business meeting where we discussed some of ISA's recent accomplishments and some plans for the future.  This included discussions of our new website and administrative content management system, the digitization of member records (over 125,000 individual records have now been scanned for access by staff), our solid financial performance and position where we are now operating from a position of financial strength, an upcoming formal financial audit by an outside CPA/Auditing firm, new and updated educational programs, new committee structures, pursuit of errors and omissions insurance program for members, and of course our new logo and graphic standards (to member applause) and development of a new advertising campaign for 2013.  The new logo is intended to be a powerful, market changing brand for ISA and our growing personal property appraisal organization. As Joe Jackson our Executive Director recently stated, "We invite all members to become ISA Brand Ambassadors" in promoting both ISA and individual appraisal practices by using the new logos and graphic standards.

Our accomplishments over the past few years are both significant and numerous. Our continued emphasis on fiscal responsibility, administrative dependability, educational soundness and smart growth will be the result of much dedication and participation by all members and staff as we continue to transform ISA.  I would like to thank all of our members, committee chairs, past and present board members and the staff of Sentergroup for making ISA the preeminent personal property appraisal organization.  As I have said in the past, it is a great time to be an ISA member.  As we build on past conference success, I look forward to a great turnout for our 2013 conference in downtown Chicago.

Todd W. Sigety, ISA CAPP
President, ISA Board of Directors

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Call for Nominations

The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications from members wishing to be considered for the ISA Board of Directors.  Three vacancies must be filled and we are seeking candidates who will lead and inspire our membership.

Our members look to the Board to do their utmost to encourage enhanced opportunities for the membership such as quality educational opportunities and the promotion of the appraisal industry so that each individual member can benefit professionally and personally from their connection to ISA.  The membership will count on your energy and commitment to these objectives.  As a Board member you will have direct input into these important priorities.  It is a position of responsibility and great opportunity. Don’t you want someone like that on your Board, too?

While the effort is a serious one, the Board meets just four times per year with two of the sessions in teleconference.  Two meetings are in person with one meeting to be held at the annual conference and the other at a meeting in the headquarters office in Chicago.

Here is your opportunity to lead, to inspire others, to work for the good of your profession and the benefit of the membership.

We will be most pleased to accept letters of intent to run for the Board along with your resume.  Kindly let us know how your accomplishments can best serve the Board and the Society.  Please submit all letters of intent to Marian “Mo” Aubry no later than Friday, June 15, 2012. If you would like additional information we will be happy to send it to you.

Please contact:

Marian “Mo” Aubry ISA CAPP
Chair, Nominating Committee
941-921-4237 or 941-544-6806

Thursday, May 10, 2012

ISA Unveils New Logo

You’ve heard the rumors … and they’re true!

The ISA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the launch of a new logo and branding campaign! Assets 2012 conference attendees already saw a sneak preview last month in Tempe, and now we’re ready to “go public”.

Out with the OLD …

In with the NEW.

Designed to have a direct link to our old logo in spirit, the new look is meant to be a powerful, market-changing brand for ISA. We believe we’ve captured a fresh and forward-thinking image that represents where our organization is headed. The rotating sphere implies movement and activity, and the richer blue and grey color scheme creates an upgraded, more sophisticated impression.

New logos are also available for members to add to their promotional materials. Each of the full membership categories will have their own logo: Member, Accredited Member, and Certified Member.

There is also a new graphic standards publication that provides the guidelines for how each of the new logos can be used, including colors, fonts, and styles.

The full roll-out is in progress, with our website, Facebook page, and Blog now carrying our new brand. Up next will be new letterhead, broadcast email templates, and other communication pieces. After that, a new advertising campaign will be developed for implementation in 2013. The new member logos and the brand standards guide are now available on the website, to download visit: (members only section)

Now that you’ve seen the launch, we hope you’ll all help us promote our new look as “ISA Brand Ambassadors”. As an ISA Brand Ambassador, members should:

• Review and download the new logos and become familiar with the brand standards guide
• Begin to use the logo and applicable member logo as soon as you can by updating your marketing material and social media profiles
• Showcase the new ISA logo to your colleagues, vendors and other appraisers

For more information, visit our website or contact ISA’s Executive Director, Joseph Jackson, CAE at

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ISA Announces Course Attendees

ISA concluded Assets 2012 with offerings of each the Requalification and 7 Hour USPAP courses, in Tempe, AZ.

ISA is pleased to announce these recent course attendees:

Requalification Course Attendees:

7 Hour Personal Property USPAP Course Attendees:

Join ISA, in congratulating these course attendees; in the successful completion of their respective course and for taking an important step in further their industry knowledge! If you would like to learn more about upcoming ISA courses, click here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marketing ISA

As a member of the International Society of Appraisers Marketing and Promotions Committee, I have been working on expanding our association’s on-line presence.  In addition to adding search engine listings, a free link to ISA’s website has been added to over 30 websites relating to antiques, art, insurance, moving, claims, museums, legal issues and restoration.

How can individual ISA members help market our organization to users of appraisal services, other appraisers and the public?

1. Place a link on our individual websites to the ISA website at
2. Mention your ISA credential and use the special ISA Member logo in your marketing         materials, websites and blogs.
3. On social networking sites such as LinkedIn, actively participate in discussions,               answer questions and join the ISA group.
4. Write press releases and articles for print and on-line publications mentioning your           membership with a link to the ISA website.
5. Wear your ISA pin on the job and to networking events.

I carry a portfolio showing the ISA logo when attending functions and meeting potential clients for the first time.  It helps catch their attention and serves as a conversation starter.

Feel free to contact me at with any suggestions for improving our on-line presence.  If we each help promote ISA, we will have a stronger organization and be more successful with our individual businesses.

Kathi Jablonsky, ISA CAPP
Member, ISA Marketing and Promotions Committee