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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Who will I see at Assets 2013?

Possibly one of the most recognized and enjoyable aspects of coming to the ISA annual conference is the chance to network. Assets 2013 has a host of wonderful speakers and educational offerings, but getting to meet with fellow appraisers and form relationships and contacts with other industry professionals seems to continuously be the highlight of attendee's experiences.

A new page has been set up on the ISA website where you can check to see who all is registered, which you can visit here.

Still on the fence about coming to the conference? This page holds around 160+ possible friendships, contacts, and partners that might change your mind and the way you do business.

Register to attend today.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Congratulations to Our Course Attendees

ISA headed back to Northern Illinois University’s Naperville Campus for offerings of the Core Course in Appraisal Studies and the 15 Hour Personal Property USPAP course, just two short weeks ago. Please join ISA in congratulating the following attendees on their successful completion of the courses!

Core Course in Appraisal Studies: March 4-10
Michelle Conliffe – Florence, KY
Lori Dodson – Washington, DC
Debbie Foster – Naples, FL
Gabrielle Goodman – Pepper Pike, OH
Ben Greenbaum – Petersburg, VA
Allyssa Hixenbaugh – Ashville, OH
Jennifer Lee – Dallas, TX
August Monteleone – Cicero, IL
Japheth Patrick – Columbus, OH
Mary Peirce – Questa, NM
Ann Salaber – Naples, FL
Isabella Weiss – Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

15 Hour Personal Property USPAP Course: March 11-12
Michael Brown – Fishers, IN
Shelli Cassidy-McIntosh, ISA – Oakville, ON
Ariane Cherry – Chicago, IL
Michelle Conliffe – Florence, KY
Jacquelyn Dewdney – Des Moines, IA
Donna Einhorn, ISA AM – Fishers, IN
Gabrielle Goodman – Pepper Pike, OH
Ben Greenbaum – Petersburg, VA
Mark Howald – St. Louis, MO
Lisa Hudspeth – Winston-Salem, NC
Duane Leet, ISA AM – Grand Haven, MI
August Monteleone – Cicero, IL
Terry Oldham – St. Joseph, MO
John Paynter – Winchester, KY
Ann Salaber – Naples, FL
Shelley Sandler, ISA AM – Houston, TX
Jacquelyn Ullmer, ISA AM – Dayton, OH
Jeffrey Vierk, ISA AM – Lafayette, IN
Isabelle Weiss – Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Congratulations on taking important steps to further your appraisal industry knowledge, by taking courses through ISA!

Start planning your summer education with ISA!
June 3-9: Core Course in Appraisal Studies – Toronto, ON
June 24-26: Asian Art I: Japanese Prints – Naperville, IL
June 26-28: Asian Art II: Paintings and Screens – Naperville, IL

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Come to Assets 2013 and see for yourself

Are you planning on coming to Assets 2013?  ISA’s annual conference is something I look forward to every year. I am constantly surprised when I hear a colleague tell me they aren’t planning on attending conference.  I’ve heard all the reasons – “can’t afford it this year”, “too busy and can’t get away”, “already attend the regional meetings”, “I’ve heard it all before - nothing new”….blah blah blah. Really?

I couldn’t disagree more with all the excuses I hear and let me tell you why. The first conference I attended was held in Baltimore. I had recently completed my Core course.   I only knew a couple of people from my North Texas chapter who were in attendance but after five days at conference I had met many wonderful new friends and colleagues who not only appraised fine art but also many other types of personal property all across the country. The networking opportunities and friendships that I have developed over the years from the contacts made at conference have brought so many benefits and pleasures to my personal life as well as career.

The education gained at conference has been well worth the time and effort of attending. In addition to the wide variety of educational breakout sessions and general topic speakers, there have been many opportunities to learn new tricks from fellow appraisers. We learn from each other in Committee meetings, sitting on buses during the tours and casually over dinner and drinks at the end of the day.

Attending conference regularly gave me an opportunity to get involved with ISA and play a part with programming.  As Fine Art Chair, I was able to have a direct impact on which speakers and topics came to conference to speak to the Fine Art members. Through the contact I had with other appraisers at conference I was able to ascertain what types of topics would be most interesting to the group and areas we all had an interest in learning more about. My involvement opened many doors which would have been closed otherwise.

Conference is also a great place to find out what is new and happening in the organization first hand. It is also the place to meet with the decision makers and ask questions.  If you have a specific issue, the appropriate folks to speak with are there. You can ask questions and get answers.  It’s where changes occur.

There are many great things that have happened this last year in ISA and many great things that are about to be announced at conference. It truly is a good time to be a member of ISA and is only getting better. It is worth a couple of days out of your schedule to invest in growing your professional network, education base and to learn what’s going on in your professional appraisal organization. If you took the money allocated for conference and spent it on something else instead of conference – would that something else bring you the same kind of returns? And really……. will your business miss you that much that you can’t take off 4 days?  You’ll never get these same kinds of benefits from only attending regional meetings. (Appraisers from other parts of the country share much more freely than the competitor down the road).

Come to conference this year and find out what all the excitement is about.  I’ll see you there.

Christine Guernsey, ISA CAPP

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


♫Oh the weather outside is frightful, but in April it'll be more delightful, and with only FIVE WEEKS to go, might as well let it snow let it snow let it snow♫

Thankfully, April is usually pretty nice in Chicago. That being said, there are only five weeks until Assets 2013! That means we're really getting into gear for the meeting, but it also means there are some deadlines that could stand to be noted several more times so that nobody misses them.

MARCH 15th

The early bird registration rates will end on Friday, March 15th. After then, registration rates go up by $75, so if you haven't registered yet there is absolutely no time like the present!
Click here to get that all taken care of.

MARCH 19th

Discounted rates at the JW Marriott Chicago are available until Tuesday, March 19th – room and rate availability cannot be guaranteed after that date. Conference attendees staying at the conference hotel receive a great rate and are perfectly positioned in the center of the conference activities AND this year, attendees booked in the hotel are entered in a drawing to win some pretty great prizes.

You have to be present to win, but you have a chance to take one of these ten prizes home with you:
Diamond Prize (1 available): Three night free stay at the JW (over a $700 value)
Platinum Prize (2 available): One night free stay at the JW (over a $200 value)
Gold Prize (2 available): $100 off a 2013 ISA course offering
Silver Prize (3 available): $100 off 2014 membership dues
Bronze Prize (2 available): Complete sets of ISA course manuals (a $200 value)

So you can click here to get that all taken care of as well!

We'll work on the weather situation and you take care of scratching those off your To-Do lists.

We'll see you in a few short weeks!