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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Introducing ISA Instructors

ISA would like to take a moment to introduce our course instructors

Richard (Rick) Casagrande, ISA CAPP
Rick has been an instructor for the Appraisal of Fine Art course for 12 years and is certified in both Fine Art and Antiques and Residential Contents. He is a Past President of ISA and the Foundation for Appraisal Education. Rick recently moved from San Antonio, TX where he had 17 year experience to Ellinwood, KS.

Leon Castner, PhD, ISA CAPP
Leon is Director of Education for ISA and teaches the Core, Requalification and Advanced Report Writing courses as well as DE Core and Requalification. He has been an appraiser for over 30 years and is certified with ISA and AAA.

Lyn Livingston, ISA CAPP
Lyn is a DE Core instructor and has also been a co-instructor for the Core course; she specializes in appraising Antiques and Residential contents and is currently the chair of the Appraisal Studies Committee.

David Mapes, ISA CAPP
David is an instructor for the Appraisal of Antiques & Residential Contents course, he has been co-instructing this course since 1997. He joined ISA in 1984 and served on the ISA Board of Directors from 1994 to 1996 and has also served on the Scholarships, Ethics and Designation Committees within ISA.

Kathryn Minard, ISA CAPP
Kathryn is a DE Core course instructor and president of the Canadian Chapter of ISA. She is the president of Curator Asset Management Inc. and has served as a Special Advisor to the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board and consultant to Christies Inc. on the valuation of Canadian Art.

Joyce Newman, ISA CAPP
Joyce is a co-instructor for the Core course as well being a DE Core instructor. She is currently serving as the Vice Chair for the Designation & Review Committee and serves on the Nevada Museum of Art’s Collections Committee. Joyce is also a columnist for the Reno Gazette Journal and the Galena Times.

Cathy Peters, ISA CAPP
Cathy is an instructor for the Appraisal of Fine Art course and specializes in appraising Fine Art, she began her career 12 years ago when she joined ISA. Since that time, Cathy has been active in the Greater-Illinois chapter of ISA serving as secretary, treasure, vice-chair and chairman. She has also been chair of ISA’s specialty studies committee and is currently chair of the Designation & Review Committee.

Karen Rabe, ISA CAPP
Karen is an instructor for the Appraisal of Antiques & Residential Contents course and has been appraising antiques, decorative arts and general household items since 1987. She formerly served as a Director on the ISA Board of Directors as treasure.

Daphne Rosenzweig, PhD, ISA CAPP
Daphne is the instructor for the Appraisal of Japanese Prints, a two day course for which she is also the author of the course manual. She was previously a member of the ISA Board of Directors and has been a university professor for many years. Her appraisal firm specializes in Asian and Islamic art appraisals for the purpose of Federal Tax Functions.

Sandra (Sandie) Tropper, ASA
Sandie is the instructor of the 15-Hour USPAP course; she represents ASA at The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council (TAFAC) and is an AQB-certified USPAP instructor. She has been an art consultant and appraiser in fine art in the Washington, D.C. area for over 25 years.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking the confusion out of Requalification

If you are new to ISA or maybe if you haven’t been a member for very long, you may be wondering what Requalification is, what it entails, how to complete it or if it applies to you. ISA requires that all credentialed members complete the Requalification process every five (5) years; this process can be completed in three (3) easy steps:
  1. Take an onsite or distance education Requal course, each has its own benefits depending on the student.
  2. Make sure your USPAP is up to date; if you have taken it with another provider be sure to send ISA a copy of your completion letter/certificate.
  3. Submit your Requalification Packet, including the required professional development credits for your membership level. This can be submitted either before or after you complete the course.
    • ISA – 50 PDCs
    • ISA AM – 75 PDCs
    • ISA CAPP – 100 PDCs 
    • Life Member – 50 PDCs

Requalification is very important, no matter if you take the onsite or distance education course you are taking a vital step at maintaining the designation that you have work so hard to achieve and in doing so are receiving the updates to keep your appraisal practice current as well as notification about any updated regulations that may effect how you do business.

If you have a question about when you are due to requalify or the requalification process please feel free to contact me at:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New members in 2010!

ISA would like to take a moment to recognize the 60 new members who joined the Society in 2010:

Alexander, Heather - Barrington NH
Baldwin, Jason, ISA -  Chicago IL
Bernstein, Alexander - Minnetonka MN
Braddock, Dennis - Seattle WA
Bradley, Lauren - Doylestown PA
Brogan, Jessica - Cedar Falls IA
Brown, Susan - Sugar Land TX
Busch, Susan - Bradenton FL
Carr, Marjorie - Miami FL
Conway, Debbie - Waterville NY
Deming, Claudia - Bradenton FL
Durnin-Moore, Stephen - Cream Ridge NJ
Echeverry, Gabriel A. - San Antonio TX
Fleming, Reba Jo - Amarillo TX
Forcier, Madeleine - Montreal QC
Fredrickson, Carlette, ISA - Centerton AR
Garcia, Lisa, ISA - San Antonio TX
Giroux, James - Parker CO
Goodell, Amy, ISA - Westminster MD
Hahn, Ann - La Grange IL
Hale, Andrew - Santa Fe NM
Hensarling, Whitney - San Francisco CA
Hittel, Matthew - Fort Lauderdale FL
Holderman, Elizabeth, ISA AM - Richardson TX
Hyde, Brittany - Stuart FL
Irvin, William, ISA - Petersburg VA
Jacobson, Miranda A. - Albuquerque NM
Jamrose, Robert - Chicago IL
Jobes Cottle, Georgia - Boerne TX
Johnson, York - Franklint TN
Jones, Carolyn - Shoreline WA
Kane, Lorne - Forth Worth TX
Kane, Vicki - Fort Worth TX
Kaylakie, Marcia, ISA - Austin TX
Keller, Charles - Lone Jack MO
Kline, John - Durham NC
Leonard, John - Addison IL
Luppino, Tony - Calgary AB
Lyness, Rosalind - Oshkosh WI
Martin, Cathryn (Kate) - Wheaton IL
McCaslin, William - North Richland Hills TX
McGeoghegan, Kelly, ISA - Chico CA
Merriman, Terri - Amarillo TX
Mieczkowski, Michael - Summerfield NC
Millie, Tom, GPPA - Omaha NE
Morrison, Kim - Hinsdale IL
Pierson, Lee - Dallas TX
Plunkett, John Long - Grove IL
Ray, Dawn - Hermitage TN
Schwartz, Stefanie, ISA AM - Moreland Hills OH
Sorenson, Dale - Silver Spring MD
Sturtevant, Jess - Bradenton FL
Sumberg, Bobbie, PhD - Santa Fe NM
Torres, Maria - Montreal QC
Waters Olonia, Elise - El Prado NM
Whisenhunt, Janet Lynn - San Antonio TX
Wysoki, Susan - Richmond VA
Yeonjin Chung, Amy - Los Angeles CA
Yocum,Pearline - Herald CA
Young, Henry - Belvidere IL

If you know someone you’d like to recommend for membership, please forward their contact information to me at

Sara Porter
Membership & Operations Coordinator

Thursday, January 6, 2011

ISA 2011 Awards Nominations

As time is closely drawing near to Assets 2011, we are taking award nominations that will be presented during the ISA annual meeting in Nashville, February 18-21. The ten categories for member and non-member nominations include:

  • Lamp of Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Outstanding Member
  • Distinguished Service
  • Chapter of the Year
  • Publication
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Special Merit
  • Service
Nominations for awards can be submitted to the Chair of the Awards Committee, Martha Peck, ISA AM at: and must be received by Thursday, January 27.  If you have more then one person you would like to nominate, simply complete separate nominations forms for each.  

Award nomination instructions, judging criteria and award descriptions can be found here and award nomination forms can be found here.

Remember, nominations are due by: January 27, we are looking forward to seeing everyone in Nashville!

Michelle Stearns
Education & Credentialing Coordinator

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sneak Peak at the 2011 ISA Course Schedule

As 2011 begins, we are excited to announce the course dates for the coming year; registration will open for all courses very soon. We are looking forward to another year of providing successful educational course offerings.

Open Registration
February 22-23: Requalification Course – Location: Nashville, TN
Distance Education Core Course
Distance Education Requalification Course

Registration Opening Soon
(Location: Naperville, IL)
May 13-14: Requalification
        16-17: 15-Hour USPAP
June 16-17: Japanese Prints
        20-26: Core Course in Appraisal Studies
October 10-15: Appraisal of Fine Arts
              17-23: Core Course in Appraisal Studies
              24-29: Antiques & Residential Contents
              28-29: 15-Hour USPAP
October 31- November 1: *New* Advanced Report Writing
November 2-3: Requalification

If you would like to learn more about the 2011 ISA course schedule or if you are interesting in submitting a blog article, please contact me at:

Michelle Stearns
Education & Credentialing Coordinator