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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An Overdue Congrats

Does it seem like everyone was in Chicago for Assets 2013 just yesterday to anyone else? The seasons changed so quickly that we blinked and it was Spring. But while we lost track of time and the weather, the efforts of our April 16th & 17th Requal Course attendees didn't go unnoticed! So it's a bit overdue, but please join us in commending those members who studied up, traveled from all over and requalified following this year's annual conference!

Deborah Alexander, ISA AM - Houston, TX
Robert Aretz, Jr., ISA CAPP - New York, NY
Keitha Brooke, ISA AM - Redding, CA
Kenneth Bryant, ISA AM - Birmingham, AL
John Buchanan, ISA AM - Dallas, TX
Joann Cameron, ISA AM - Silver Spring, MD
Elissa Cohen, ISA CAPP - Plainfield, NJ
Sarah Campbell Drury, ISA AM - Nashville, TN
Eileen Eichhorn, ISA AM - Decatur, IN
Sylvia Fitzgerald, ISA AM - Sacramento, CA
Sharon Kerwick, ISA CAPP - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Mary Leigh, ISA AM - Gainesville, GA
Debra Leitner, ISA AM - Scottsdale, AZ
Peggy Maraschiello, ISA AM - Deep River, CT
Diane Marvin, ISA CAPP - Stuart, FL
Jeffrey Maurer, ISA AM - Fort Worth, TX
Sidney Taylor McKenzie, ISA CAPP - Houston, TX
Bo Patrick, ISA AM - Peoria, AZ
Martha Peck, ISA AM - Lake Forest, IL
Elizabeth Plunkett-Buttimer, ISA AM - Bowdon, GA
Jean Renick, ISA AM - Cincinnati, OH
David Rotenberg, ISA CAPP - Langhorne, PA
Peter Stavrianidis, ISA AM - Somerset, NJ
Lottie Stevens, ISA AM - Tulsa, Ok
Zoe TeBeau, ISA - Claremont, CA
Polina Vasilevskaya, ISA - San Francisco, CA
Fred Winer, ISA CAPP - Baltimore, MD

And with Spring quickly turning into Summer, mark these upcoming courses on your calendars:
June 3-9: Core Course in Appraisal Studies – Toronto, ON
June 24-26: Asian Art I: Japanese Prints – Naperville, IL
June 26-28: Asian Art II: Paintings and Screens – Naperville, IL

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