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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

In Praise of ISA's Job Board

Christine Guernsey, ISA CAPP
I knew that the ISA Job Board was a great idea, but didn’t realize I would be able to utilize it so quickly. Like many of you, I am the sole proprietor of an appraisal practice. I consider my practice successful, but yet, there are always moments of feast or famine throughout the year.

This year has been unusual for my business in that every large collection and important client I have ever appraised for has come back with another need. If I did insurance for them several years ago, they now need an estate appraisal, they're donating a work of art, or they need another insurance update. As appraisers, no matter how busy you become, you never want to say "no" to a great returning customer and risk losing them in the future.

When a past client and now a trustee called early this March with a need for an estate appraisal for his father’s very large Western art collection (over 300 works), I panicked. In addition to Assets, a planned surgery right after Assets, my youngest daughter’s destination wedding in Charleston, and several other appraisals in the works, I really didn’t have the time to take on this new assignment….but how could I say no?

I decided to try the ISA Job Board and see what kind of help I could get. After posting for temporary research help, I received applications from six candidates. Out of those six, I found three appraisers who were familiar with Western art and working towards ISA accreditation and therefore needed qualifying hours of experience. None of this help came from the Dallas area and all work was completed remotely online. I have a template I use for appraisal report work descriptions with sections for comparables which I sent to each appraiser. They researched 10 works at a time, completed the template and included appropriate comparables for me to review and determine the final fair market value for the report.

With the help I received through the Job Board, I was able to complete the appraisal project under deadline while relieving my workload and stress. I also got to assist three appraisers who needed work experience in the field. For the next large job that comes my way, I plan on using the Job Board again. It is great to finally have qualified help on a temporary contract basis and the process could not have gone more smoothly.

Don’t just take my word for it. Your colleagues have had similar great experiences:

Wendy Gerdau, ISA CAPP, of Treasures Estate Concierge Services, California:

"The ISA Job Board has been a fabulous tool for my company. The researchers that applied for part time jobs have turned into full time valued members of the Treasures Estate Concierge Services family. I am looking forward to hiring many more individuals from the ISA Job Board. There is nothing better than ISA members supporting each other, a win-win." 

Linda Matthews, ISA, of Matthews Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico:

"The job board provided me a great opportunity to be a part of a massive art appraisal project, learn a great deal from a CAPP appraiser, get paid for what I love to do AND add a 130 hours towards my AM pathway. A veteran ISA appraiser posted the job, I replied to the ad and was hired. It was that easy! It was a fast way to find work, make money and most importantly learn from others so I can become a better appraiser. It was my first experience getting appraisal work from the job board posting but it won’t be my last!"

Suzanne Houck, ISA CAPP, Houck Asset Verification, Virginia:

"I wish there had been a job board targeted to the appraisal industry when I began my appraisal practice years ago. I love having the opportunity to scan for job opportunities in slow times and to have confidence when looking for help during times of appraisal overload. Even if I’m not looking to post or pick up work, I have enjoyed reading the job posts because I can often connect good candidates who might not have seen the board yet with positions. When looking for help, just knowing my fellow ISA members are reading the board gives me added confidence that I am targeting appraisers well- trained in appraisal methodology and ethics. This job board might be my favorite member benefit!"

Richard J. Meliska, ISA AM, Essex Estate Services, Evanston, IL:

"The ISA job board is a snap to use and postings couldn't be easier to enter. This is my second time using the board and I am looking forward to posting positions as I need additional help. Not only does the ISA have a great pool of talent, but the networking opportunities to find great talent is wonderful." 

If you are temporarily overwhelmed with assignments you couldn’t say no to or are currently underwhelmed with assignments and want to pick up a few extra hours, check out ISA’s new Job Board. You can advertise for ISA qualified help or promote special services you can provide to other appraisers in need. One of the great features of this online benefit is the ability to sign up for alerts when a new position or request is posted.

This is a great new member benefit exclusively created for our ISA members. I urge you all to try the Job Board. It will help you all to accept more assignments and provide further opportunity to meet and work with other qualified ISA appraisers.

- Christine Guernsey, ISA CAPP


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