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Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Real 'Name'-Changer

by Maureen S. Winer, ISA CAPP, Chair of Antiques, Furnishings + Decorative Arts (AFDA)

Say goodbye to "ARC" and hello to "AFDA!"

I am thrilled to announce that the ISA Board has approved the Antiques & Residential Contents (ARC) Committee’s recommendation to change the name of the ARC division to Antiques, Furnishings + Decorative Arts, otherwise referred to by its acronym AFDA.

Why the change? For years, I have believed that ARC did not properly reflect my appraisal business, nor that of most of my fellow appraisers. Sure, it is primarily an internal name and the general public is not aware of the title. Still, we are. So why does this matter? The answer is, we should be represented by a name that is consistent with our desired image; it should state our expertise and should last the test of time. The name should also represent the majority of our members.

The (former ARC) committee members agreed unanimously that a name change was necessary; therefore, we embarked on a mission to find the right name. Through much discussion and debate, and with welcome input from Libby Holloway, we chose Antiques, Furnishings + Decorative Arts. It should be noted that we had an extensive discussion regarding our Gems and Jewelry appraisers; although they remain a part of the AFDA division, we recognize that we need to help them reestablish their own voice over the coming years. The Annual Conference Committee has made sure that there will be plenty of relevant presentations and breakouts to please our Gems and Jewelry appraising members at the upcoming Assets 2017 in Chicago, March 31 – April 3.

Many thanks to our committee membersBridget Donnelly, Kurt Soucek, Mary Alice Manella, Rudy Pena, Sanjay Kapoor, Lisa Duke and Catherine Sanky. If you would like to become a part of our committee, please contact me at

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