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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Clarion List, Our Newest Affinity Business Partner

We're always incredibly excited to welcome a new company into the fold as an ISA Affinity Business Partner (ABP), and in the case of The Clarion List, this addition to the ABP family comes with a special offer to ISA members!

The Clarion List is the leading online resource for sourcing art service companies. Their searchable, sortable, free database with ratings and reviews includes 6000+ art companies in the US and Europe across dozens of service categories. It is Clarion's hope that that your potential clients find them a helpful resource when you need to source new art service providers both at home and in new markets, like storage companies, transport firms, installers, framers, lenders, insurance brokers, law firms, conservators, security firms, risk consultants, collection software, lighting companies and more.

And, just as importantly, they want their audience to find YOU when in need of an art appraiser. They have partnered with the ISA to offer a discount on their premium packages, enabling you to optimize your listing with more information, add your logo and other images, and increase your chances for lead generation. Premium listers will also be able to add the ISA logo to their listing, which will display in search results and on your individual listing, enabling their audience to understand your qualification at a glance.

The ISA badge on your Clarion enhanced listing serves to not only help you stand out on the website but to also grow the public's awareness of ISA credentials as an important distinction when choosing an appraiser.

Next Steps:
  • Claim your free listing - do a keyword search for your company name or search for your listing with our List of Appraisers, then click “Claim This Listing”

  • Not listed? Contact Clarion.

  • Edit your basic listing information.

  • Consider one of their brand-building premium plans, starting at just $20/month. Details:

  • Enter code ISA30 before checkout to receive 30% off either plan
Take advantage of this special offer today from The Clarion List, our newest ABP.

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