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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Get Business Know-How from New ISA Toolbox

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! Some of us remember when there were EXTRA editions to the newspapers for extremely important newsworthy information.

The big news from ISA is that the ISA Means Business! Toolbox is officially here. We have listened to you, our members, requesting more business practice information. Whether you need direction in the legal, office, or promotional aspect of starting or fine-tuning your appraisal business, it is all addressed in our new Toolbox.

What you’ll find inside:
  • New Appraiser Resources, including our Guide to Launching an Appraisal Business and blog post on fantastic mobile apps

  • Marketing/Advertising Resources, including tips, member logos, advertising collateral, and much more

  • Templates, including a Client Intake form, Client Project Timeline and Research Log (found within the Guide to Launching an Appraisal Business)
Through blog posts, referral links, templates and more, the resources within the Toolbox will aid ISA members in operating efficient, effective businessesthey may be newly established and looking for help starting up, or they might be existing businesses looking to adopt the latest marketing and operational trends. Tips include software and office practice recommendations and solutions to real-life business concerns, including how to deal with competition and reach the gatekeepers.

We desire your feedback and encourage your comments. If you have more suggestions based on what has worked for you, or you would like submit your thoughts on a new app, template or the like, please let us know about it! The Toolbox will not remain stagnant. It will continue to be enhanced, and so will your business.

ISA Means Business! Toolbox is brought to you by the ISA Membership Retention Committee:

Board Liason: Marian Aubry, ISA CAPP
Committee Chair: Jan Robbins Durr, ISA CAPP
Members: Len de Rohan, Susan Eisen, Robin Braswell, Lottie Stevens, Charles Pharr, Susan Sturdivant, Beth Underhill

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