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Thursday, July 28, 2016

It’s time to update your library!

Did you know that a new version of ISA’s Core Course Manual is now available? A quintessential text in appraisal studies required for the ISA Core Course and the Requalification course, this 2016 version represents the most thorough revision since the late 1990’s.

A culmination of over 30 years in appraisal methodologies and principles, the new Core Course Manual revisits many traditional examples of appraising while enlisting new lessons, updated regulations, as well as the most current samples and checklists available. Complete with a table of contents, as well as a comprehensive index, the Core Course Manual has undergone new revisions to help keep appraisers up to date with the ever-changing industry.

Last year, ISA released the 2015 edition of A Guide to Identification and Evaluation of Antiques and Residential Contents, an important text for those who specialize in general household items. The latest edition covers both the timeless and the modern when it comes to household valuables and residential property. Having undergone a thorough visual update, appraisers can expect quality photos to help guide them through their ARC learning.

Another recently revised text is A Guide to Appraising Fine Art. This reworked manual provides both a basic understanding of the fine art world as well as a fresh look at authentication, connoisseurship, and modern fine art research.

As you develop your career and appraisal skills, it is crucial to stay updated and remain knowledgeable on current practices in your field, as best put by Libby Holloway, ISA CAPP:

“Over the last couple of years both our ARC and FA specialty course manuals have been updated to include new chapters and color photos to make learning easier. These manuals are not only course materials but will hold a place on your reference book shelf for years as some of your most valuable appraising tools. No matter what your specialty, both manuals provide guides for terminology and resources to help you write more professional appraisals.”

To learn more about what ISA has to offer your appraising practice, visit our website here, where you will find all of our educational resources from manuals to webinars and much more.

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