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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Modernism: Prints, Photographs, and Multiples

By Meredith Meuwly, ISA CAPP

Modern art traces its roots back to the Industrial Revolution. Rapid changes in transportation, manufacturing, and technology had profound effects on the social and cultural conditions first in western Europe and then around the world. Artists embraced this new world with enthusiasm, as they began challenging the old canon by experimenting with new and non-traditional techniques, materials, iconography, and colors. Whether outright rejecting the past or reinterpreting it in their own way, modern artists pushed the boundaries and created some of the most thought-provoking and radical works of art. What was once considered avant-garde and highly controversial is now revered and celebrated by international museums, institutions, and private collectors.

Andy Warhol, $ (9), 1982
Courtesy of Heritage Auctions
Modern art makes my heart sing, and I am so excited to present ISA's new course, Modernism: Prints, Photographs, and Multiples. From Picasso and Warhol, to Mapplethorpe and Penn, to Bertoia and Murakami, we will talk about some of the hottest moneymakers on the market today.

Scheduled for June 13-15 in Naperville, the class will focus on editioned art works and multiples. We will review common techniques, materials, and condition issues, discuss the current marketplace, and increase our connoisseurship skills. The class will end with conversations on authenticity and legal issues that plague modern and contemporary art, as well as how we can avoid pitfalls while doing our due diligence. Included will be a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago and a personal viewing session at the Museum of Contemporary Photography; another visit will be used to reinforce hands-on experiences.

I promise it will be an experience you won't forget, so sign up today!

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