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Monday, February 8, 2016

Five Things You Will Miss if You Skip Assets 2016

By Christine Guernsey, ISA CAPP, President

It goes without saying that if you forgo Assets 2016, Expanding Horizons, you'll miss out a host of things that you may already be aware of—a stellar educational program lined with top appraisal industry speakers, a chance to meet both new and tried-and-true vendors, and the opportunity for excellent networking with guests and fellow members. But there are a handful of conference experiences that you might not even realize you are missing out on. 

Here's a list of just 5 reasons to not skip this year's conference.

1. Dallas Art Fair (8th year)
— April 14-17
Listen to what others who aren’t easily impressed said about last year’s fair.

Nate Freeman of The New York Observer: "It’s a city where an unending stream of openings, loft parties and after parties attended by an impressive number of visiting New Yorkers, signaled the arrival of Dallas, to the must-attend art world circuit."

The Town & Country Social Calendar: "With new international exhibitors, including Galerie Perrotin, this fair is the one to watch."

Lisa Perry with Women's Wear Daily: "I’m very surprised and delighted by what is going on in Dallas with the arts scenes. It’s very cool, very interesting. There was a great vibe, great energy last night at the Art Fair."

Need I say more? You can attend the Dallas Art Fair by signing up for the ISA Fine Art Tour (Friday, April 15).

2. Surprise Vendor Give-Away for Conference Attendees
I’m having a hard time keeping this a secret, but let me give you a hint: If you are at conference, you are going to receive a gift from one of our sponsors that promises to be a game that will save your appraisal business time and money! I can’t wait to see your reaction when you find out what it is.

3. Main Street Arts Fair April 14-17
Don’t let the name fool youit’s not just all about art. The Main Street Arts Fair is an annual favorite held in downtown Fort Worth stretching five blocks and consisting of booths displaying art and assorted other goodies, every food choice imaginable and literally hundreds of performers on three stages, rockin' and rollin' for four days at the city's largest music festival. It will be easy to get there toojust walk out of the hotel and you're there. It will stretch from the Hilton all the way down to Sundance Square. While we want you to attend all of our scheduled programs, it would be a fun thing to enjoy after hours, complete with the chance to grab a quick dinner without having to sit in a restaurant.
4. Monday BBQ and Margarita Tour — Monday, April 18
For the first time ever at conference, we have scheduled a Monday night event for those who are still in the Dallas area, whether it's for the Requalification course or simply because you're not leaving until Tuesday. Our guide “Billy Bob” Delp will entertain you as he tours highlights of Fort Worth and takes you to the best spots for Texas barbecue and margaritas. Price includes transportation, food, and gratuity for our tour leader. (Alcohol is not included, except at the final stop of the tour.) You can find more information here.

5. Freshen Up Your Professional Photo — April 16 & 17
Natalia Nakamura, my portrait photographer and the person who took the picture you see at the top of this post, makes everyone look good! (Seriously, I think she has a magic camera.) She has agreed to take conference attendees' pictures, so come update your photo for business cards and your website for $60.

Register for Assets 2016 today and open yourself to an array of experiences...some programmed with the conference, others hosted by the city itself. It's going to be a fantastic time!

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