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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Urgent News: Proposed Legislation in New York Would Strengthen the Ban on Ivory

Our colleague Lark Mason, of Mark Lason Associates and IGavel, has asked appraisal organizations to inform their members of new legislation being proposed in New York that would strengthen the ban on ivory to include criminal penalties. This legislation could have a significant impact on how ARC appraisers do business. Lark has provided the following information:

"This was unexpected, so let me be brief. The New York State Senate took up SB 4686 in recent days. As written, this bill would ban POSSESSION, sale, offering for sale, import and transportation of any part of an elephant, lion, leopard, black or white rhino. This is inconsistent with and would supersede the New York Ivory Ban already in place!

If you live in New York, visit This page will give your state senator's phone number and some quick talking points. If you are not from New York, you can contact the state senator where you do business, travel, or have any other connection in New York. A full list of state senators can be found at

If passed, this bill wipes out exemptions in the previous ivory ban and leaves musicians as exposed as everyone else. There is a narrow exemption for items possessed in New York prior to this act, but you need to get a certificate from the NY Secretary of State to qualify for this exemption. If you travel into New York with something that contains ivory, you're out of luck. Law enforcement is given sweeping new powers under this law, it is punishable by two years imprisonment, all items shall be seized, and upon conviction, destroyed.

Don't delay! Act now!"

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