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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Congratulations to Our Course Attendees!

ISA has concluded onsite courses for 2013.  The final onsite offerings of the Requalification, Core Course and 15 Hour Personal Property USPAP courses were held in Naperville, IL at the end of October and the Fine Arts course the first week of November.

Please join ISA in congratulating the following course attendees on their successful course completion!

Requalification Course Attendees
Donna Bradshaw, ISA - Woodland, CA
Connie Davenport, ISA AM - Cottontown, TN
Karen Halboth, ISA AM - Williams Bay, WI
Robert Harrison, ISA AM - Westminster, MD
Maureen Heenan, ISA AM - Silver Spring, MD
Chris Ingallss, ISA AM - Miami, FL
Kim Kolker, ISA AM - Dallas, TX
Margaret Minnick, ISA CAPP - Mercer Island, WA
Virginia Montfort, ISA AM - Dallas, TX
Jeffrey Robinson, ISA AM - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Justin Rogers, ISA AM - Kansas City, MO
Catherine Sankey, ISA CAPP - Auburn, NY
Jacquelyn Ullmer, ISA AM - Dayton, OH
Maria Velazquez, ISA - Kingwood, TX
Deborah Webb, ISA AM - Franklin, TN

Core Course Attendees
Chris Bailey -  Springfield, IL
Diane Burgess -  San Antonio, TX
Robin Burke -  Middletown, CT
Robert Connelly -  Peoria, AZ
Jenny Dartmans -  Strathroy, ON
Melissa Frenz -  Baraboo, WI
Stephen Gleissner -  Wichita, KS
Joseph Jabbour -  Middleburg, VA
Kathy Kiran -  Elgin, IL
Laura Kittle -  Porter, IN
Emilia Lanwehr -  Charlottesville, VA
Tamra Mast -  Houston, TX
Ann Messer -  Barrington, IL
Lauren Sexton -  Fayetteville, AR
Patrick Smith Sr. -  Fredericksburg, VA
Diane Stevenett -  Santa Barbara, CA
Teresa Sudeyko -  Vancouver, BC
Bruce Treadway -  Crystal Lake, IL
Darla Gouskos -  Dallas, TX
Patrica English -  Houston, TX

15 Hour USPAP Course Attendees
Courtney Ahlstrom  - Marietta, GA
Christopher Bailey  - Springfield, IL
Christina Blaus  - Toronto, ON
Robin Burke  - Middletown, CT
Robert Connelly  - Peoria, AZ
James Finlay  - Vancouver, BC
Melissa Frenz  - Baraboo, WI
Stephen Gleissner  - Wichita, KS
Darla Gouskos  - Dallas, TX
Zenna Inness, ISA AM - Tryon, OK
Joseph Jabbour  - Middleburg, VA
Kathy Kiran  - Elgin, IL
Laura Kittle  - Porter, IN
Emilia Lanwehr  - Charlottesville, VA
Ann Messer  - Barrington, IL
Fred Nevill, ISA - Houston, TX
Nicole Roberts, ISA - Auburn, WA
David Rotenberg, ISA CAPP - Langhorne, PA
Elaina Sanders  - Atlanta, GA
Bailey Sexton  - Fayetteville, AR
Patrick Smith Sr  - Fredericksburg, VA
Teresa Sudeyko  - Vancouver, BC
Deborah Thompson, ISA AM - Harrisburg, MO
Sunda Uzzell  - Mableton, GA

Congratulations on continuing your education and furthering your appraisal industry knowledge, by taking courses through ISA!

Check back next month for the 2014 course calendar!

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