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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

All Things Considered

The leaves are turning red and gold.  The grass looks just a bit sad and there is a nip in the air.  The snow yesterday morning was around the 2,000 foot level with a promise of more as November approaches.  Fall and early winter compete for my favorite season.  The radiant color, smell of the crisp air, and partaking of a bountiful harvest raises my spirits.  Eventually, the colors fade, the harvest is put into storage for the winter and winter snow blankets this area.  I tend to stay inside during winter and work on appraisals and other projects.  One of those projects has been to clean out and rearrange my office space.  Sometimes I find something unexpected.

Yesterday, I found a cheerful brochure buried in papers on my desk.  It lifted my spirits and directed my thoughts toward spring.  It was the official 2014 Assets Program to be held April 25-28, 2014 in Kansas City.  I stopped my paper rearranging and read the brochure, mentally selecting events to attend.  This was not easy as I wanted to attend everything from the tours, Fine Art and ARC breakout sessions and especially the sessions with topics that are unfamiliar to me.  And, Kansas City, MO!  I have never been to Kansas City so the sights and sounds offer new learning for me.  I can hardly wait.

This is my last article that I write to you as an ISA Board of Director.  I have enjoyed working with the members of the Board and the staff at Sentergroup, Inc.  They are all dedicated professionals and together there is strength.  An enormous number of programs and events have been introduced for the members.  The result is a strong organization that will continue to grow.  All things considered it has been an incredible experience.  I am glad I had the opportunity.

My thanks to you, the membership, for your support these past three years.

Sally Ambrose, ISA CAPP, Retiring ISA Board Member

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