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Thursday, August 22, 2013

It’s about time…..

When I agreed to head up the ARC at ISA, I was told, there really isn’t too much you have to do.”  I took “not having to do too much” to the next level and really haven’t done anything !!! I think that promise was really was a ploy to have a live body (me) head this committee...and so, here I am FINALLY reaching out to you, the ISA -ARC members. But many of you are probably thinking “IS SHE ALIVE?”

A little history….

            For many years, I took any and ALL antique seminars/classes that I could get my hands on.  My library is overflowing with scholarly books on antique porcelain and such.  I still have my wood blocks that the North Texas Chapter provided to the Identifying Wood class that I took several years ago which I would bring to my various appraisal sites trying to figure out whether that sideboard is oak or cherry!

            Recently, I was called in to a very prominent family’s home in my town in which the elderly mother was moving out of state to be closer to her family and the family was trying to decide what exactly what should go where. It had been awhile since I had seen such a collection of Period English and American antiques in place.


            And why?? Because I joined a co-op with 3 other women in which we buy and sell (mostly vintage) decorative objects and furniture.

And I realized that there was an entire century of  tchatckies and furniture that I had overlooked  and frankly disregarded while I was studying the world of antiques. And boy did I have to catch up!!There is a whole world of Geodes out there!! Who knew?? But seriously, I have had to do my homework to study the works of Adrian Pearsall and Milo Baughman.

            I don’t mean to have this blog be a blog about me. I think my point is there is always something to learn. My appraisal practice and my antiques business hasn’t gone down the commode if you will, I just appraise and sell different things. And I am OPEN to the change. And you should be too.

            In conclusion, as the Allstate man on TV says, you are in good hands. ISA is stronger and better than ever and we all should feel proud to be a part of a CHANGED and CHANGING organization. If you can relate to what I am saying please post or respond to me. If you disagree, well OK, post or respond to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

By: Martha Peck, ISA AM

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