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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Call for Nominations

The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications from members wishing to be considered for the ISA Board of Directors.  Three vacancies must be filled and we are seeking candidates who will lead and inspire our membership.

Our members look to the Board to do their utmost to encourage enhanced opportunities for the membership such as quality educational opportunities and the promotion of the appraisal industry so that each individual member can benefit professionally and personally from their connection to ISA.  The membership will count on your energy and commitment to these objectives.  As a Board member you will have direct input into these important priorities.  It is a position of responsibility and great opportunity. Don’t you want someone like that on your Board, too?

While the effort is a serious one, the Board meets just four times per year with two of the sessions in teleconference.  Two meetings are in person with one meeting to be held at the annual conference and the other at a meeting in the headquarters office in Chicago.

Here is your opportunity to lead, to inspire others, to work for the good of your profession and the benefit of the membership.

We will be most pleased to accept letters of intent to run for the Board along with your resume.  Kindly let us know how your accomplishments can best serve the Board and the Society.  Please submit all letters of intent to Marian “Mo” Aubry no later than Friday, June 15, 2012. If you would like additional information we will be happy to send it to you.

Please contact:

Marian “Mo” Aubry ISA CAPP
Chair, Nominating Committee
941-921-4237 or 941-544-6806

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