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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Be part of the advancement we all hope to see as ISA soars into first place as the premiere society for personal property appraisers.

Are we all feeling the momentum that is building within ISA?  As members, the best way we can further that momentum and help ISA continue to grow is by joining with your fellow members in Committee work.

Volunteer committee members are vital to the health of our organization.  Committees draft and propose programs that support the goals and objectives of the Society’s strategic plan, make recommendations to the board of directors, work with the ISA Office staff to determine financial budget of programs, and enhance effective communication with the membership.

A clear example of great committee work is the development of our new website.  Hopefully you have all had a chance check out our new image and capability, including the ability to build your own professional webpage (including a photo) on the ISA site. The success of the new website is not only for our current members and potential new clients. It is a big step toward building our brand, and advancing our goal of positioning ISA as the premiere personal appraisal society.  When you admire our new website you are experiencing the results of committee work.

Please consider volunteering for a committee today.  Below is a list of your opportunities:

Annual Conference Program – The mission of the committee is to develop a speaker program and the pre-conference tours in conjunction with the Annual ISA Conference on Personal Property Appraising.
Awards Committee: Acknowledges members' contributions in differing categories of endeavor for exceptional contributions of time and talent to the society.
Bylaws & Governance – The mission of the committee is to accurately maintain, monitor compliance, make recommendations and serve as a source to interpret the Society’s governing documents, as well as offer amendments based on actions taken by the Board of Directors.  This committee is responsible for annual review of bylaws, as well as development and review of all policies and procedures for the Society.

Chapter Relations Committee - The mission of this committee is to facilitate coordination and communication between the chapters of ISA in order to help and strengthen each chapter.  This committee also is charged with assisting in improving the communication between ISA and the chapters; to advance the membership recruitment and retention efforts at both the national and chapter levels; and to increase awareness of the ISA “brand” to strengthen participation at the regional and local levels.

Designation and Review – The mission of the committee is to review the qualifications of members applying for certification and Requalification under the Society’s credentialing programs, including review of CAPP appraisal submissions.  You must be a CAPP member to participate in this committee.

Education Committee - The mission of this committee is to review and help develop all education and course-related activities of the Society, including annual review of manuals and instructors.  This committee oversees the development of curriculum for on- site courses as well as webinars, distance education, and other electronic forms of education. Includes the following subcommittees:
Fine Art
Antiques & Residential Contents
Gems & Jewelry
Specialty Studies

Each subcommittee also has the goal of strengthening the specialty within ISA by encouraging members to participate in ISA’s activities and educational programs and serving as an information conduit between the members and the association.

Ethics Committee - Ensures that ISA members exhibit the highest level of ethical behavior, develops and implement procedures for processing ethics complaints, reviews the ISA Code of Ethics periodically.
Finance & Audit Committee – The mission of this committee is to monitor and/or offer financial policy, and coordinate approved audit procedures. Reviews Society financial statements on a quarterly basis.  This committee will include board and non-board members to promote organizational transparency.

Marketing & Promotions Committee – The mission of this committee is to focus on the Society’s marketing, advertising, public relations, and communications efforts.

Membership Committee – The mission of this committee is to provide support and oversight of the Society’s recruitment of new members and retention of current members.  The committee also reviews and makes recommendations for membership and/or member classification actions.
Nominating Committee: Reviews qualifications, and nominates qualified candidates to serve on the board of directors.

Resource Development Committee – The mission of this committee is to provide support and oversight of sponsorship and fundraising-related activities, and to assist in the development of non-dues revenue opportunities.

Website Task Force - The mission of the task force is to oversee and recommend improvements, updates, and further development to our website.
 ISA Board and Committee ISA Now Pog Schedule

Over the past couple of years a lot of work by a few visionary members has had a great impact on our organization.   Imagine where we could be a year from now with just a little more work from more members.   If you are considering volunteering for any of our committees, please contact me at 215 346-2799 or email at  

Cindy Charleston-Rosenberg, ISA CAPP

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