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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Your Formal Invitation to be Social

Greetings ISANow Blog Readers! In the last few months you may have seen the name “Thomas K. Radde” in tutorial pictures and the sample profile that was in the Sneak Peek album of the ISA’s Facebook page and thought, “Who is that?” or “that guy isn’t any appraiser of ISA that I know” so it is high time that I introduce myself. I am Thomas K. Radde, though I go by Tom, and I am your friendly ISA Social Media staff guru. Pretty much any time a Facebook post goes up from ISA headquarters or you receive a tweet on Twitter it’s me behind the scenes.

I’m sure that reading that last sentence made some of you shudder, but the fact is that Social Media is here to stay. It was played off as a favorite pastime for the college-aged crowd at its inception (rightfully so, Facebook was founded in 2004 to link college kids together) and has since received the vast majority of its press from celebrity snafus, legal action, and uprisings, but the bigger picture here is that it has become the norm, grown to epic proportions, and a lot of people are using it. 

Perhaps the term “a lot” doesn’t do it justice, the image to the right is a By-the-Numbers breakdown.

So please consider this to be your formal invitation to join the conversation. You can ask questions, catch up with other appraisers, find out about events, or just read the articles that are posted but whatever your purposes are for joining, I encourage each and every one of you to at least give it a try. There is no commitment to be made unless you want there to be, so all you have to lose is the amount of time it takes you to decide if social media is for you. What you have to gain is a new form of communication, access to a world of real-time up-to-date information as it’s happening, virtually unlimited networking opportunities, and a place to promote yourself, your businesses, and your services. 


  1. So very thrilled to see the effort at concerted social media!
    Too bad it's after my tenure as a member, but with these social platforms, it's easy as ever to stay abreast!

    1. Well we're still happy to have you join us in conversation Erin!

  2. Hi there Thomas!
    Its nice to see ISA expanding into social media. I have a Facebook page for my business with a link from my website. I also have a personal page for myself. It took me a long time to figure how to move back and forth between the two. I like the ISA Facebook posts and fun new information. Many thanks!

    Nice to meet you.
    Nancy Bosch

    1. Glad to hear that you like it Nancy! Have you found your foray into social media to have been beneficial so far?

  3. I feel LinkedIn and Facebook is ok, but why twitter. i don't feel ISA should go with twitter. anyways happy news!@bose
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