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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Board Election Results

Just a few short weeks ago, the ISA Board of Directors held their annual meeting in Chicago, IL. Each year, three board members retire and three new board members are seated. We’d like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the three outgoing board members, all of whom played an important role in the growth and direction of the ISA over the past 3-6 years: Fred Winer ISA CAPP, Christine Corbin ISA CAPP, and Jim Poag ISA CAPP.

Please join us in welcoming our three newest board members, who are beginning their 3-year terms: Cindy Charleston-Rosenberg ISA CAPP, Nini Hamalainen ISA CAPP, and Selma Paul ISA CAPP.

At the close of the meeting, the election of new officers took place. Congratulations to the following:

President:           Todd Sigety ISA CAPP (2-Year Term)
Vice President:   Terri Ellis ISA CAPP (1-Year Term)
Treasurer:           Steve Roach ISA AM (1-Year Term)
Secretary:           Libby Holloway ISA CAPP (1-Year Term)

Continuing their terms are returning board members Judith Martin ISA CAPP, and Sally Ambrose ISA CAPP.

The Board of Directors continues to work hard on your behalf to ensure that ISA remains the leading international organization for personal property appraisers!

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