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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Active in Education

June has been a busy month for ISA educational offerings! Between a North Texas Chapter-sponsored Advanced Report Writing course, the Appraisal of Japanese Prints course, and the Core Course in Appraisal Studies, more than 40 members enhanced their professional knowledge by taking part in these learning activities. The Japanese Prints course attendees participated in a field trip to Chicago’s Floating World Gallery, where they gained insight and perspective from a professional in the field, and Core Course attendees enjoyed a reception hosted by President Judith Martin at her local shop in Wheaton, IL.

ISA would like to recognize those who participated in this month of educational offerings:

Advanced Report Writing
Ellen Amirkham, ISA CAPP – Dallas, TX
Pamela Cole-Witt, ISA AM – Fort Worth, TX
Elizabeth Douglas, ISA CAPP – Austin, TX
Terri Ellis, ISA CAPP – Fort Worth, TX
Jerry Forrest, ISA CAPP – Dallas, TX
Dana Franklin, ISA AM – Irving, TX
Judy Godfrey, ISA AM – Abilene, TX
Scott Hale, ISA AM – Santa Fe, NM
Kim Kolker, ISA AM – Dallas, TX
Marigold Lamb, ISA AM – Rockwell, TX
Carol Matesic, ISA AM – Dallas, TX
Meredith Meuwly – Dallas, TX
Diane Pease, ISA AM – Fort Worth, TX
Lorrie Semler – Dallas, TX

Appraisal of Japanese Prints
Jeff Baker, ISA AM – Bexley, OH
Shirley Baumann, ISA AM – Madison, WI
Robert Hittel, ISA AM – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ted Krajnik, ISA AM – Glenview, IL
Susan Lahey – Toronto, ON
Suzy McGrane-Hop, ISA CAPP – Cedar Rapids, IA
Kim Morrison – Hinsdale, IL
Catherine Sankey, ISA CAPP – Auburn, NY
Susan Sinclair – Nashville, TN
Susan Tarman, ISA – Santa Fe, NM

Core Course in Appraisal Studies
John Abajian – New Orleans, LA
Jack Bacon – Reno, NV
Jennifer Bird – Coral Gables, FL
Michelle Castro – New Orleans, LA
Holly Hackwith – Omaha, NE
Lorie Hart – Solon, OH
Chelsea Kozachenko – Fort Worth, TX
Lauren Laughry – Dallas, TX
Lisa Lowy – Solon, OH
Rosalind Lyness – Oshkosh, WI
Bill Mercer – Pueblo, CO
Margaret Nicolson – New Orleans, LA
Shell Payton – Montgomery, AL
Edan Sassoon – Beverly Hills, CA
Jeani Shankle – Raleigh, NC
Caroline Shuford – Dallas, TX
Marcus Wardell – Oakland, CA
Rosalie Wardell – Headlsburg, CA
Ruth Winston, ISA AM – New Orleans, LA

These individuals have taken a crucial step in maintaining and furthering their membership with ISA, congratulations!

If you are interested in learning more about the 2011 ISA course offerings, click here to view our course brochure. Please contact Michelle Stearns, Education & Credentialing Coordinator with any questions regarding ISA Education at

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