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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Around About Blogging

Years ago a New York newspaper featured a column entitled, “Around About Town.” As I remember, it offered observations about the area as seen through the eyes of the columnist. The writings were far ranging and pertinent to everyone’s daily activities. Morning conversations around the office water cooler often started with the question, “did you read ‘Around About Town’ this morning”? It was a nice interlude to start the office day.
Today we use social media, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter and blogging to share happenings with our colleagues. Around About Blogging, an unofficial title, is my way to share with you an on-going question that I have heard from conference attendees over the years, “How do I get involved with ISA?” My frequent answer; join a local ISA chapter and volunteer to serve on a committee.

New members may feel a little overwhelmed by the knowledge exhibited by long time members or may be shy about serving on a committee when you are new to the group or you don’t know or understand the work of the committees. An expedient way to learn more about ISA Committees is to ask for information from the committee chairs.

Presently, there are 11 Standing Committees that are responsible for advising the Board with concerns and activity relating to their area of specialty. These are Antiques and Residential Contents, Awards, Chapter Networking, Conference Program, Designation and Review, Ethics, Fine Art, Gemstones & Jewelry, Nominating, Marketing and Promotions and Specialty Studies. Three of these committees, D & R, Ethics and Specialty Studies, are sensitive to confidentiality and members are invited or appointed to these committees. Committees have specific tasks that are important to the successful functioning of ISA and the number of committees will fluctuate from time to time. The committee chairs are appointed by the President of the Board of Directors and are responsible to report quarterly and annually to the Board.

Still don’t know which committee to volunteer to serve? Contact the present Committee Chairs and ask about the mission and function of the committee. Following is a list of present Chairs:

ARC – Selma Paul
Awards- Martha Peck
Chapter Networking - Nini Hamalainen
Conference Program – OPEN
D & R – Cathy Peters
Ethics – Beverly Morris
Fine Art – Christine Guernsey
Gemstones & Jewelry – Jim Poag (Liaison)
Marketing & Promotions – Libby Holloway
Nominating – Mo Aubry
Specialty Studies – Scott Hale

Get involved, volunteer for an ISA committee. Involvement in your professional organization is a responsibility you will find worthwhile and satisfying for you.

Sally Ambrose, ISA CAPP

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