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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking the confusion out of Requalification

If you are new to ISA or maybe if you haven’t been a member for very long, you may be wondering what Requalification is, what it entails, how to complete it or if it applies to you. ISA requires that all credentialed members complete the Requalification process every five (5) years; this process can be completed in three (3) easy steps:
  1. Take an onsite or distance education Requal course, each has its own benefits depending on the student.
  2. Make sure your USPAP is up to date; if you have taken it with another provider be sure to send ISA a copy of your completion letter/certificate.
  3. Submit your Requalification Packet, including the required professional development credits for your membership level. This can be submitted either before or after you complete the course.
    • ISA – 50 PDCs
    • ISA AM – 75 PDCs
    • ISA CAPP – 100 PDCs 
    • Life Member – 50 PDCs

Requalification is very important, no matter if you take the onsite or distance education course you are taking a vital step at maintaining the designation that you have work so hard to achieve and in doing so are receiving the updates to keep your appraisal practice current as well as notification about any updated regulations that may effect how you do business.

If you have a question about when you are due to requalify or the requalification process please feel free to contact me at:

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