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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Your Board of Directors has just concluded another successful October meeting in Chicago. The big news for 2010 is that ISA is financially stable. Those of you who have just sent in your annual renewal fee are probably thinking “they better be”, but in the past few years of uncertainty for our industry, as well as many others, that is saying something. Congratulations to the staff and membership who have worked hard this past year trimming programs that were outdated and filling in with better benefits for our members.

Another accomplishment that the organization can be proud of is the continued move toward the excellence of our educational programming. Leon Castner has done a wonderful job this past year as our Educational Director. He has been instrumental in the development of the new course materials which will continue through 2011. He is also assisting in the development of more easily obtainable education through Webinars and Distance Education. Watch Leon’s monthly education reports for more news on the 7 hour USPAP update course currently awaiting approval from the Appraisal Foundation. Michelle Stearns is in our home office in the role of Education and Credentialing Coordinator. Many of you have had a chance to appreciate her knowledge and compassion as you have worked on your credentialing process. Our other new association is with Northern Illinois University. A record number of Core course and continuing education attendees have seen the benefits of this association in person. Those who have attended our fall classes at this facility have appreciated the comfortable and professional environment. Many thanks as well to instructors, committee members and staff who have worked on the development of webinars, course rewrites, credentialing policies and evaluation processes.

If you haven’t read through the Assets 2011 Conference materials yet you had better hurry. Many members have already registered for conference and tours. From the Heart of Country Show to Leigh Keno to Joseph Bothwell we have the opportunity to gain skills and network contacts which will improve our business...great job Nashville Conference Committee! Come learn the latest in industry standards, learn about tools that will help you build your business and spend time with friends from across the country. Conference is also a time when committees meet in person. Many of you have expressed great ideas or an interest in becoming involved in ISA. This will be a great time to learn more about where your talents fit best. There is no better way to make ISA work for you than to work to make ISA a stronger organization. The Fun’d Auction to benefit the Foundation for Appraisal Education is returning this year. If you have never experienced a Fun’d Auction then you definitely need to be there to see what all the buzz is about. The Foundation is currently accepting donations for the auction. Please see their web site,, for contact information.

Our progress cannot happen without the hard work of your Board of Directors and staff. The board is sad to be loosing Darlene Hines as a Director after six years of dedicated service. Darlene is rotating off the board but will continue to be involved with the future of ISA through committee participation. We welcome new board member Sally Ambrose who brings experience as an appraiser and from her service on many committees including Ethics, Designation and Review, ARC, Nominating and Specialty Studies.

I can’t wait to see everyone in Nashville in February. I won’t be hard to find...I’ll be at the head of the Barbecue line!

Libby Holloway
ISA Secretary

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