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Thursday, September 16, 2010

ISA New Dues Invoicing Schedule

As ISA has rolled out its new dues invoicing schedule, there have been a few questions from members about how it was developed.

As an association, ISA’s member services and benefits are tied to the period of time covered by the dues paid by each individual. As a result, ISA is making every effort to give you, the member, as much notice as possible to pay your dues prior to your expiration date.

The changes we have made to our invoicing schedule allow members to receive up to 3 invoice reminders before their membership is scheduled to expire. The three membership reminders will go out 75 days, 45 days and 15 days before a member’s expiration date. Our goal with sending you these invoice “reminders” is to help ensure your membership does not lapse, so you’ll continue to receive uninterrupted benefits (such as your “Find an Appraiser” listing on ISA’s website).

In the event you have not renewed your membership, a lapsed letter will go out 15 days after your expiration date to remind you that your membership has expired. At this point, per ISA’s Bylaws, you’ll no longer be considered a “member in good standing.”

If a member renews within one month of expiring, there will be no renewal charge. After one month of lapsed membership, there is a membership renewal fee of $75.

As ISA continues to grow, we hope to enhance our level of member benefits, services and educational opportunities.

If there are any questions, please contact me at

Sara Porter
Membership and Operations Coordinator

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