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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forum How To: Logging In and Changing Your Password

The ISA Forum has long been one of ISA's strongest and most utilized benefits. It has facilitated ISA appraisers in gaining product knowledge, answering appraisal questions, and used as an outlet to vent and for updates on educational topics.

This ISA Now post with screencast is the first of a four part series about using the ISA Forum.

The four topics will be as follows:
  • How to sign up and change your password
  • How to post a discussion
  • How to posts a discussion with photos
  • How to sign up for auto email and make profile changes
How to sign up for the ISA Forum and change your password.

Many members already have a forum account, and surprisingly, many do not. ISA encourages all members to sign up and be active on the forum.

Watch a Video for Step-by-Step Forum Registration Instructions

The first step in gaining access to the ISA Forum is to open your computer's web browser and navigate to the ISA home page ( On the ISA home page, look on the left side of the screen for a group of vertical navigation tabs. Click on the third tab from the bottom for the ISA Forum.
That link will take you to the Forum welcome and terms of use page. If you are not familiar with the terms of use, please take a few minutes to read them. Note that by clicking on Proceed to ISA Forum hyperlink you agree to the terms of use.

Click on the Proceed to ISA Forum link. The ISA Forum log in page will appear.

For new users click on the Register for Account button, (it is just under the user name and password text boxes). When the registration page loads, complete the requested information. Some information is required, other information is optional. Required information is noted with a red asterisk.

Next is to select the various available forums, click the box for both the Education and Members (also distance if in the distance education program). Do not click on Directors or Presidents forums, although rarely used, they are for ISA board members and chapter presidents.

Complete optional personal profile information.

When done click on continue registration.

The site will return the following: "Your registration for a user account on this discussion board has been processed."

Within minutes you will receive an email stating your registration request is being processed. and that a second confirmation email will be sent after the registration review is complete.

Your forum registration request will then be reviewed ISA staff to ensure you are a member of ISA. The members forum is a member benefit, and only available to ISA members in good standing. After the staff review and approval, a second approval/confirmation email will be sent to you. This is an important email as you have to confirm through a hyper link your registration. If you have not heard of the status of your application within a few days, contact the ISA office at (312) 981-6778 .

The approval/confirmation email will request you click a link to activate your new forum account. If you do not click the link, your forum registration will not be complete. Make sure you check your email for this confirmation email and to click the link. Again, if you do not click the link in this email, your forum registration will not activate. Most of the account errors for new accounts are due to not finishing the registration process through this email and hyperlink.

After clicking the link in the approval/confirmation email, your browser will open a window to enter the password you originally used when setting up the account. When entered it will take you to the ISA Forum log in page to enter your user name and re-enter your password. After entering, click log in, and you should now be at the Forum Topics page showing the Members Forum, Education Forum, etc. You will not be able to select the category and topic to read and post on the ISA Forum.

To change your password, go to the ISA webpage and click on the ISA Forum tab, click proceed to forum. In the left column is a tree view of folders, second from the bottom is edit profile. Click on that folder/link. The Profile Editor will appear. Enter your username and password and the profile editor page will load.

Watch a Video on How to Change Your Password

At the top of the profile editor page is a list of options, click on change your password (third option form the bottom. Enter your new password and reenter to verify. Then click save profile changes. The profile page will reload with a notation that profile changes have been successfully saved. That's all there is to it.

If there are any questions, please contact me at

Todd Sigety, ISA CAPP
ISA Treasurer

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