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Friday, June 11, 2010

Introducing the ISA Promotions Committee

In an effort to make life easier for future conference committees, the board of directors has recently formed a Promotions Committee. Our goal is to find eager members from different parts of the country and Canada to allow us to have contacts outside the East coast ... those people are tired of hearing from me (Libby)! This is what we will be doing:
  • Taking over the role of selling sponsorships for conference. It will work better if this is an ongoing process rather than an add-on for the conference committee.
  • Selling ads to be placed on the web site, newsletter and webinars.
  • Promoting ISA to related industries such as shippers, insurers, attorneys, financial planners, etc. We do a lot of promoting ISA to appraisers but we will be able to get our name out to the folks who hire us ... yeah!
  • Creating the ads ISA will place to promote ourselves.
  • Structuring a policy for ads we trade. This has gotten a little out of hand at conference with ad space in our program being traded for ads about conference in newsletter and magazines. We need to make sure these trades are more meaningful for us. For example, not sending out ads for conference attendance (which don't work) and sending an ad about hiring ISA appraisers.
  • Recruiting other members to help under the committee’s supervision.

This is an exciting opportunity for ISA to create some income for ongoing projects and to put more power behind our appraiser search benefit as more related industries understand the value of hiring us. I won't kid you, this is not an easy committee to be on. I do promise that I will jump in and work hard with you (as a board member I cannot chair a committee but that doesn't mean I have to sit back and "advise" you from afar).

We’re still looking for candidates from the central and western US. Also, please respond soon ... we are on the countdown to Nashville!

Please contact me at or 843.379.0130. I look forward to working with you to make ISA stronger.

Libby Holloway, ISA CAPP
Secretary, ISA Board of Directors

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