Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ISA Announces June Core Course Attendees

ISA held the Core Course Appraisal Studies in Naperville, IL: June 18-24 and we are pleased to recognize the following course attendees.

Ninya Lee Greek – Boulder, CO
Kay Helker – Platteville, WI
Lyn Huck – Houston, TX
Gwyn Kaitis – Joliet, IL
Anne Kelly – Dallas, TX
Katherine Manning – Barrington, IL
Ashley Mays – Sacramento, CA
Patricia Meadows, ISA – Dallas, TX
Maureen Obannon – Las Vegas, NV
Megan Obannon – Las Vegas, NV
Susan Reutern-Prokuski – Santa Fe, NM
Elizabeth Ruffner – Signal Mt, TN

Please join ISA, in congratulating these course attendees; in the successful completion of the course and for taking an important step in further their education and industry knowledge!

 If you would like to learn more about upcoming ISA courses, click here.

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