Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Announcing 15 Hour USPAP Course Attendees

ISA is pleased to announce the June - 15 Hour Personal Property USPAP course attendees:

Jane Brumfield – Boise, ID
Patricia English – Houston, TX
Erin Fossum – Seattle, WA
Gwyn Kaitis – Joliet, IL
Anne Kelly – Dallas, TX
Mary Khamis-Rowe, ISA CAPP – Indianapolis, IN
John Leonard – Addison, IL
Katherine Manning – Barrington, IL
Patricia Meadows, ISA – Dallas, TX
Alison Neumann – Naperville, IL
Maureen Obannon – Las Vegas, NV
Megan Obannon – Las Vegas, NV
Cathy Peters, ISA CAPP – Naperville, IL
Gary Piattoni – Evanston, IL
Amy Piotrowski – Toronto, ON
Susan Reutern – Prokuski – Santa Fe, NM
Elizabeth Ruffner – Signal Mt., TN
Joanna Stearns, ISA CAPP – Las Vegas, NV
Sean Susanin – Chicago, IL
Krysta Telenko – Sudbury, ON
Karen Thomson – Montreal, QC
Lori Weidow – DuBois, PA

Please join us in congratulating these course attendees, in their successful completion of this course!  If you would like to learn more about upcoming ISA courses, click here.

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