Friday, April 4, 2014


Dear ISA Members, 

Are you still considering whether or not to join us at conference in Kansas City? Are you up to date with USPAP? Are you registered for conference, but disappointed you got shut out of earlier USPAP offerings?

Over the past several months our USPAP update classes have filled in a matter of hours! To respond to members needs, we are pleased to announce that we have just added a an additional USPAP update offering at the front end of conference, on Thursday, April 24. 

Register for the April 24th 7 Hour USPAP course is available here

Full Program details are available here and online registration for the conference is available here.  

We are looking forward to a terrific conference and hope to see you in Kansas City! 

Cindy Charleston-Rosenberg, ISA CAPP
ISA President

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Eli Wilner & Company was recently challenged with one of the most complex frame restorations they have seen in 35 years of business when a painting by Thomas Wilmer Dewing, Lady with a Fan, on loan to the Baltimore Museum of Art from the Maryland State Archives, was unable to be placed on view to the public due to the severe deterioration of its frame.

Many of the country’s museums and other public institutions on Eli Wilner & Company’s extensive client list have turned to Mr. Wilner and his staff for their expertise when addressing important re-framing projects. There are a variety of reasons why a work might need to be re-framed: sometimes a frame is not historically appropriate or a curator seeks to have a cohesive aesthetic for an exhibition. Frequently, due to improper handling or storage, combined with environmental factors and age, a frame may become damaged and the costs of restoration need to be weighed against total replacement. Another step in making that decision is researching the source of the frame itself. Labels and any other provenance documents are consulted to determine whether the frame is original to the painting. It is important to distinguish whether it was chosen or designed by the artist, or if it was selected by an owner of the work of art.

In the case of the damaged Dewing frame, which the experts agree must be original to the painting, it is also a rare and extraordinary example of a floating grille frame design by Stanford White – one of the most important figures in American frame history, as well as a member of the prominent architecture firm McKim, Mead & White at the turn of the 20th Century. Therefore, the White frame is of significant value itself, especially when paired with this exquisite painting by Dewing.

Unfortunately, over time, the grille had become broken and distorted, and the crispness of the ornament had been severely eroded.

Detail of corroded Stanford White frame prior to and after restoration (above)

When approaching any restoration project, the Wilner craftspeople make every effort to salvage the original materials. In this case, the entire grille element was deemed beyond repair and the decision was made to carefully remove it from the gilded substrate. The re-creation was done using the same techniques as the original with internal wire reinforcement. The expert mold-makers were able to achieve the flat contour the grille would originally have had by using other period frames by White as reference. The grille section was then gilded, re-applied to the frame, and the correct patina was achieved. The frame is now ready to be re united with the painting and be enjoyed by the public for years to come in its original splendor.

The technological advancements of the 20th Century affected the nature of the public’s perception of picture framing because of the increased availability and affordability of mass-produced length molding that can be quickly cut and joined. This trend, combined with the influence of stripped down interior design aesthetics, separated many paintings from their original frames. It is commendable that the curators in this situation took the time to research and follow through with this frame restoration project and reflects a movement within the international art market where craftsmanship, historical importance, and value of the picture frame is once again being acknowledged. This is not only apparent in the many public institutions that Eli Wilner & Company are honored to have on their client list, but also with private collectors, who along with their art advisers, have become more actively engaged in the evaluation of framing possibilities with new acquisitions. Many are also becoming aware that frame restoration is often as critical as conservation that may be needed for the artwork it contains and tending to repairs before they are too far gone will alleviate costs and aggravations in the years to come.

On a related note: Eli Wilner & Company has been chosen by Lyndhurst Mansion, a National Historic Trust Site, located in Tarrytown, NY, to collaborate with its staff in restoring and re-hanging the estate’s grand Picture Gallery. The Wilner staff will restore frames that have sustained damage over time and replace those on paintings that have lost their original frames and have been in storage for years.  Wilner will also assist with the installation of pictures, maintaining the multi-tiered Victorian style of hanging that has been documented in photographs since the 1870s but will bring many of the best works in the collection to eye level. The extensive collection of finely framed paintings assembled by railroad baron Jay Gould and his daughters include works by Gustave Courbet, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Theodore Rousseau, Charles Daubigny, Jean-Leon Gerome, Jean Beraud and two important works by Bouguereau. The mansion will reopen for public tours in May 2014.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Congratulations to Our Online Course Attendees

ISA recently concluded on-site offerings of the 15 Hour Personal Property USPAP course and Core Course in Appraisal Studies in Naperville, IL; as well as, a second live online 7 Hour USPAP course.

Please join us in congratulating the following course attendees on their successful course completion

15 Hour Personal Property USPAP Course Attendees – March 15-16

Lauren Abramowitz  - Glendale, AZ
Veronica Adetuyi  - Toronto, ON
Mark Cooper  - Sarasota, Fl
Joseph Daniel  - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Vanessa Elmore  - Santa Fe, NM
Allyssa Hixenbaugh  - Bexley, OH
Ellen Kornhauser ,ISA CAPP - Cary, IL
Emily Meyer  - Potomac, MD
Ivelina Nikolov  - Mississauga, ON
Japheth Patrick  - Bexley, OH
Beata Riedlmayer  - Chicago, IL
Michael Skerrett  - Toronto, ON
David Stevens  - Roxboro, NC
David Templeton  - Burien, WA

Core Course in Appraisal Studies Attendees – March 17-23

Lauren Abramowitz - Glendale, AZ
Veronica Adetuyi - Toronto, ON
Katy Alexander - San Antonio, TX
Joseph Daniel - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Helen (Len) de Rohan - Knoxville, TN
Vanessa Elmore - Santa Fe, NM
Brian Herzig - San Antonio, TX
Patrick Kearney - Chicago, IL
Michael Mee - Dallas, TX
Emily Meyer - Potomac, MD
Beata Riedlmayer - Chicago, IL
Daniel Rogers - Williamsburg, VA
Michael Skerrett - Toronto, on
Steven Stam - Lynbrook, Ny
David Templeton - Burien, WA
Elizabeth Underhill - Birmingham, AL
Robert Vogt - San Antonio, TX
Caroline Young - Chicago, IL

Live Online 7 Hour USPAP Course Attendees – March 20-21

Hughene Acheson ,ISA AM - Oakville, ON
Tracy Bernabo ,ISA - Ashland, VA
Donna Bradshaw ,ISA - Woodland, CA
Robin Burke ,ISA - Middletown, CT
Dennis Godfrey ,ISA AM - Bradenton, FL
Aloysia  (Nini) Hamalainen ,ISA CAPP - Silver Spring, MD
Darlene Hines ,ISA CAPP - Bloomfield Hills, MI
Dana Holland-Beickert ,ISA AM - Germantown, TN
Kathi Jablonsky ,ISA CAPP - San Diego, CA
Katherine Manning ,ISA AM - Barrington, IL
Diane Mizell ,ISA AM - Signal Mountain, TN
Molly Murphy-Adams  - Tulsa, OK
Charles Scarrott ,ISA AM - Gilbert, AZ
Greer Simonton ,ISA AM - Memphis, TN
Sunny Wagner ,ISA AM - Signal Mtn, TN
Beatrice Weiskopf ,ISA AM - Northbrook, IL
Dennis West ,ISA AM - Woodland, CA
Fred Winer ,ISA CAPP - Baltimore, MD
Maureen Winer ,ISA AM - Baltimore, MD

Congratulations on taking important steps to maintain your education and appraisal industry knowledge, by taking courses through ISA!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Congratulations to Our Online Course Attendees

ISA recently concluded our first offering of the live online 7 Hour USPAP course, February 27-28.

Please join us in congratulating the following course attendees on their successful completion of this online offering of the 7 Hour Personal Property USPAP course.

7 Hour Personal Property USPAP Course Attendees

Caroline Ashleigh, ISA AM - Birmingham, MI
Joann Cameron, ISA AM - Silver Spring, MD
Leon Castner, ISA CAPP - Schwenksville , PA
Katharine Fernstrom, ISA - Baltimore, MD
Christine Guernsey, ISA CAPP - Colleyville, TX
Laurie Johnson, ISA AM - Vienna,
Judith Kendall, ISA - Arroyo Hondo, NM
Peter Malkin, ISA - Vancouver, BC
Sue McGovern-Huffman, ISA - Washington, DC
Kathryn Minard, ISA CAPP - Toronto, ON
Vicky Nash Shaw, ISA CAPP - Raleigh, NC
Sheila Osborne Jones, ISA AM - Toronto, ON
Rachel Pabst, ISA CAPP - Houston, TX
Kamille Parkinson, ISA AM - Kingston, ON
Selma Paul, ISA CAPP - Atlanta, GA
Gary Piattoni  - Evanston, IL
Karen Rabe, ISA CAPP - Peoria, AZ
Lynn Roberts, ISA AM - Tucson, AZ

Congratulations on taking important steps to maintain your education and appraisal industry knowledge, by taking courses through ISA!

Be sure to watch for future 7 Hour USPAP course dates to be added as they become available.