Friday, April 3, 2015

Ask Leon: I was asked to do a local radio show and need six points to give them to ask me questions. Any ideas?

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Question: I was asked to do a local radio show and need six points to give them to ask me questions. Any ideas?

Answer: The key to any good interview is having the right questions to answer. That means one should suggest the types of questions to ask. (This will not only ensure you have the correct answer, but does a lot of work for the interviewer. You make their job easier. They will be happy to use your questions.)

Here are six I would suggest:
  1. What makes a good appraiser?
  2. How can you make sure you get a good one?
  3. Do appraisers specialize in certain areas?
  4. Is there licensing for appraisers and is that important?
  5. Are there different types of values or costs for personal property?
  6. Does one need a written document when one gets an appraisal?
That’s certainly not all of them and maybe it isn’t even a great list, but it sure gets the ball rolling. It allows you to speak confidently about your qualifications, the uniqueness of ISA, and makes everyone look smarter, both you and the interviewer. They will thank you for it.

Trivial Pursuit II
Misconceptions taken from our Core Course Exam
These statements are ALL FALSE!
  1. Value is defined as the amount of money paid for an item of personal property.
  2. The IRS requires that an appraisal report for the intended use of filing for a charitable contribution include a statement of original cost.
  3. Revenue Procedure 96-15 outlines the format and types of market research required when writing Federal tax appraisals.
  4. Replacement cost new considers wear and tear and economic obsolescence.
  5. ISA appraisal standards mandate that all appraisal reports be in narrative form.

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