Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Congratulations to Our Course Attendees!

Here is the impressive list of individuals who attended the 7-Hour USPAP Course at the JW Marriott in Chicago this last week. Please join us in congratulating them on on a job well done!

Richard Adams, ISA CAPP - Panama City, FL
Logan Adams, ISA CAPP Life - Panama City, FL
Deborah Alexander, ISA AM - Houston, TX
Paul Bailey, ISA CAPP - Seattle, WA
Kathleen Bailey, ISA CAPP - Seattle, WA
Jason Baldwin, ISA - Chicago, IL
Charles Bartman, ISA AM - Louisville, KY
Shirley Baumann, ISA AM - Madison, WI
Nancy Beebe, ISA AM - Holland, MI
Marcet Bliss, ISA AM - Leesburg, FL
Robert Boykin, ISA CAPP - Wilson, NC
E. Ross Bradley, ISA AM - Edmonton, AB
Kenneth Bryant, ISA AM - Birmingham, AL
Paul Cassarino, ISA CAPP - Rochester, NY
Pamela Cole-Witt, ISA AM - Fort Worth, TX
Robert Cowley, ISA - Toronto, ON
Suzanne Crosland, ISA AM - Shelby, NC
Sylvia Fitzgerald, ISA AM - Sacramento, CA
Sylvia Fraley, ISA AM - St. Louis, MO
Wendy Gerdau, ISA AM - Los Angeles, CA
Kelly Goldsmith, ISA AM - Roanoke, VA
Heidi Harders, ISA CAPP - Chicago, IL
Rick Hiebert, ISA AM - Toronto, ON
Joette Humphrey, ISA CAPP - Mills River, NC
Mary Leigh, ISA AM - Gainesville, GA
Peggy Maraschiello, ISA AM - Deep River, CT
Linda Marin, ISA AM - Brownsville, TX
Sidney Taylor McKenzie, ISA CAPP - Houston, TX
Barry McManus, ISA - Riverside, IL
Richard Meliska, ISA AM - Evanston, IL
Kim Morrison, ISA AM - Hinsdale, IL
Pamela Newby, ISA AM - Heyworth, IL
Bo Patrick, ISA AM - Peoria, AZ
Richard Pence, ISA AM - Liberty, MO
James Poag, ISA CAPP - Strathroy, ON
Stacey Porter, ISA AM - Williams Bay, WI
Linda Roberts, ISA AM - Media, PA
Mandy Sabbadini, ISA AM - Carmichael, CA
Jacqueline Snyder, ISA AM - Hesperia, CA
Lottie Stevens, ISA AM - Tulsa, OK
Patricia Thompson, ISA CAPP - Tupelo, MS
Polina Vasilevskaya, ISA - San Francisco, CA
Darlene Wong, ISA AM - Vancouver, BC

Also, keep these upcoming courses in mind as you plan your summer education!
June 3-9: Core Course in Appraisal Studies – Toronto, ON
June 24-26: Asian Art I: Japanese Prints – Naperville, IL
June 26-28: Asian Art II: Paintings and Screens – Naperville, IL

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