Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New ISA CAPP Members

ISA would like to recognize those members of ISA who completed the ISA CAPP Program in 2011 and have now earned their ISA CAPP designation. Please join ISA in congratulating the following ISA members on this extraordinary achievement:

Genae Fields, ISA CAPP – Houston, TX
Susan Fisher, ISA CAPP – Jacksonville, FL
Ron Freeman, ISA CAPP – Phoenix, AZ
Valerie Hale, ISA CAPP – Atlanta, GA
Thomas Helms, ISA CAPP – Phoenix, AZ
Charles McCracken, ISA CAPP – Hilton Head, SC
Michelle Angerman-Soffer, ISA CAPP – Los Angeles, CA
Andrea Thorin, ISA CAPP – Foster City, CA

Congratulations to ISA’s newest CAPP members!

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