Tuesday, August 9, 2011


When was the last time you read the ISA Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct? Do you remember signing this statement agreeing to abide by the Code?  As Chair of the Ethics Committee I receive complaints from members and individuals who have had appraisal reports prepared by ISA members.  Complaints may be as simple as trademark violations or more serious regarding the performance of the appraiser. An ethics complaint may be filed by any ISA member or any outside party having first hand knowledge of alleged unethical conduct through direct dealings with the appraiser.

The first paragraph of the Code of Ethics states:

“The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to provide guidelines to the members of The International Society of Appraisers (“ISA”) for their professional conduct.  These principles are also intended to inform the general public, the business community and government agencies of ISA’s ethical standards.  Public confidence in the honesty, integrity, professionalism, and ability of the professional personal property appraiser is fundamental to the success of the ISA. ISA members shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that enhances the overall image of the appraisal profession.” An ethics complaint filed by an outside party frequently reflects negatively not only on the appraiser, but on the organization as a whole.

I encourage you to go to the ISA website and print off a copy of the Code of Ethics and read it.  Lack of knowledge of the Code does not constitute an excuse for a member’s noncompliance.

The Ethics committee is a confidential committee. All complaints are first sent to the Executive Director of ISA and then if deemed worthy sent to the chair of the committee. The chair and committee then proceed in accordance with the Code of Ethics Disciplinary Procedures.

Beverly Morris, ISA CAPP
Chair, Ethics Committee

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