Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Musing on Assets 2011

I always look forward to the annual ISA conference. This year was no exception and I wasn’t disappointed. Is it possible for me to select one event that just seemed to stand above the crowd in subject matter and presentation? Everything I attended from my first dinner in the hotel Thursday to the closing Awards Luncheon and speaker was pertinent and memorable.

I did not attend any tours so I can only attest to the rest of the conference. The general sessions were thought provoking; the breakout sessions well presented and informative; the special events were fun and the auction -- well, you had to be there to soak up the fun and laughter. The bourbon and barbeque preceded the live auction. And a live auction it was as Auctioneer, Leigh Dunbar kept the evening moving, the laughter was on-going and at times explosive. I will never again hear a coyote yip without thinking about this evening with ISA friends. You had to have been there to understand why.

I have been left with impressions of a hotel that is operating at full steam after being devastated by floods less than one year ago. The staff was pleasant and amazingly everyone I asked knew how to direct me to my destination. This is especially amazing as the hotel is huge. If there was a drawback to the conference it was walking from our room to the conference rooms. I don’t know the distance walking each day, but I wondered if I should make an appointment for a hip replacement as soon as I arrived home. I was tired!

Something that stands out in my mind was the number of young attendees. Their energy was pervasive and welcome. They mixed right in with the long-time attendees and we all enjoyed each other’s view on appraising as we shared our experiences and enthusiasm. I now look back on a delightful week with long time friends and new friends. I am already anticipating the ISA conference in 2012.

Sally A. Ambrose, ISA CAPP

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