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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions that are frequently asked of the ISA Staff. Have another question? You can always contact ISA Headquarters by emailing or calling 312.981.6778.

How much are membership dues?

Answer: Membership dues for 2010-2011 are $450 USD. Membership dues correspond to when you first joined ISA. For example, if you started membership with ISA in August, your membership would be from 8/1/10 – 7/31/11. Membership dues can be paid online through the ISA Website's Current Member tab.

How do I learn more about ISA courses?

Answer: ISA course brochures are provided on the ISA website under ISA Education. Courses are held in Naperville, IL, just outside of Chicago. Specialty courses are held downtown in Chicago, IL. The only courses that are offered off-site are Core Course and the Requalification Course. These two courses are offered through distance education, the correspondence course.

Do we earn professional development credits for participating in webinars?

Answer: Yes, one professional development credit is earned per hour of instruction.

What is USPAP?

Answer: USPAP stands for Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and is a required course taught by an instructor approved by the Appraisal Foundation. It is a standardized course followed by a standardized exam. The 15-hour National USPAP course is required for all members and is good for 5 years. If USPAP is taken outside ISA, proof of successful completion should be sent to ISA Headquarters.

When do I need to Re-qualify and why?

Answer: Each member is required to re-qualify every 5 years. Requalification is completed after successfully passing the Re-qual course and submission of the Re-qual packet. The Re-qualification course can be done one of three ways:

a. Onsite: A two-day course that does not require an exam.

b. Distance Education: Students are given six months to complete the course and are required to have their exam proctored.

c. Testing out: This option is not recommended and as of January 1, 2011 will no longer be available.

Re-qualification is necessary in order to maintain knowledge of ISA standards, appraisal methodology and report writing.

How can I obtain a member login to the ISA website?

Answer: Member login can be obtained by visiting the ISA website and clicking on the Member Sign In button at the top right of the webpage. Then clicking Create New Account will allow you to obtain a member login.

What does it mean to have 3 years industry/market related experience?

Answer: Market related non-appraisal experience is associated with the act of buying or selling, market research of price or value in defined markets, knowledge of various market levels (dealer, dealer’s assistant, auctioneer, estate liquidator, etc.) Activities for this experience could include: identification, authentication, conservation, restoration, repair, claims investigation, etc.

Where can I find the requirements for each level of membership?

Answer: The Credentialing and Requalification policy is on the ISA website under Current Member. Click here to be directed to the policy.

Where can I sign up for webinars?

Answer: You can register for upcoming and past webinars from the ISA website under ISA Education. You can also register directly at the ISA WebEx page.

What are the benefits of membership in ISA?

Membership with ISA has many benefits a few of them being:

a. By joining ISA you are involved in a community of networking and have the chance to know other appraisers within the association.

b. Educational courses and webinars provided by ISA allow members to move through the credentialing process to obtain higher designations.

c. Online resources, like Forum, ISA Now, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, allow member to stay connected and learn about upcoming events of ISA.

d. The Find An Appraiser format allows the general public to find ISA members in their area.

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